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Teen Spotlight


Teens with Albinism… Do you have something to say, share, inspire or commiserate? ​Send us your submission! ​

Simply write a few paragraphs about yourself – your thoughts, accomplishments, concerns, dreams…anything about you that you want to share! Send them to ​ with ​one or more pics (selfies ​are​ great!), and we will review them for publication​ (identified by first name, last initial only)​.

Your stories will help strengthen the teenage NOAH community and inspire and comfort countless others – your peers, pre-teens and their parents, among many others.

Please note: Teen Spotlight submissions may be lightly edited for clarity.

Teen Profiles

Elizabeth SJay DSophie OJoey ABobby SAlisha L
Elizabeth S.Jay D.Sophie O.Joey A.Bobby S.Alisha L.
Mackenzie SChristian FSheterria EAbshiro IMerve DConnor N
Mackenzie S.Christian F.Sheterria E.Abshiro I.Merve D.Connor N.
Sarah K.
Katie R.Benjamin P.Isabella O.Hammad K.SebastianSarah K.
Diamond G.Valerie M.Samantha H.Stormey M.Kendra W.Noah
SamAdam W.