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Grandparent Connections Teleconferences

Grandparent Connections Teleconferences


The journey of grandparents of children with albinism is unique, and meeting others who are on the same journey can be very difficult. Grandparent Connections provides grandparents of children with albinism a place to connect and share their experiences with one another. Grandparent Connections provides the opportunity for virtual “face to face” connections for grandparents of children with albinism through social, educational, and supportive discussion. In addition to calls specifically for grandparents, you will also be invited to participate in calls for parents and grandparents when appropriate.

Interested in enrolling?

If you would like to join Grandparent Connections, please to fill out this brief registration form to join the group and receive information about upcoming sessions for grandparents and families. We have many different opportunities for grandparents to connect and learn with others who “just get it.”

Upcoming Sessions:

Check out NOAH Connections for more information on our upcoming social sessions and opportunities to connect. If you’re looking for calls with a smaller-group setting, we recommend looking at the Parents, Grandparents, & Caregivers section. For opportunities to connect with the broader NOAH community, don’t miss NOAH Connections for Everyone!

If you’re looking for sessions which address social emotional and educational needs, providing a deeper connection to others while building the NOAH grandparents community, we highly recommend our upcoming NOAH Workshops, which are all facilitated by a licensed professional.

We hope to see you at one of our many upcoming opportunities to connect and learn!