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NOAH Resource Library

NOAH Resource Library

Welcome to the NOAH Resource Library! This site contains hundreds of resources for everyone in the albinism community. Topics include adaptive sports, employment, government resources and low vision driving! Literally from A to…. W, and with your help to Z! (See “Leave a Comment” below!)

Searching the Library

The library can be searched and cross-referenced by:

  • Relationship to People with Albinism (PWA),
  • Categories and Subcategories, and
  • Location, i.e. U.S. state or Canadian province

We suggest that you begin your search on either the “Home” or “Government Resources by State / Province” pages. You can also use the search box at the right of the screen. Thereafter every resource has links (aka Tags) to other applicable PWA relationships, categories, subcategories and locations.

For example, the Blind Judo Foundation entry reads as follows:

Blind Judo Foundation

Underneath the contact information, you can see that the entry is posted in the Adults with Albinism and Parents sections. Further, the entry is “tagged,” i.e. cross-referenced, in the Adaptive Sports, Charitable Organizations, Paralympics and Washington sections. Selecting a tag will bring up every other entry with that same tag. For example, you can select Paralympics to get all of the library’s paralympic resources.

Leave a Comment

We need your help! The library is designed to be updated and supplemented, and part of this will happen via your comments. If a link is broken, please leave a comment letting us know. Know of a related – or unrelated – resource that should be included? Let us know via the comments. We will continue to supplement the Library with new resource entries, and we welcome your assistance.

Any questions? Please contact the NOAH Webmaster.