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Featured Articles for Adults

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Whether this is your first interaction with others in the albinism community or whether you’ve been involved since your earliest memory, we’re glad you’re here! We’ve put together some content that we hope will be helpful to you – regardless of your age – so take a look around. Also check back from time to time because some parts will change as we highlight information about careers, personal experiences and other points of interest.


Learn about how people in the albinism community decide on career as well as tips and tricks for finding jobs.

Working for a Living by Kelsey Thompson

Tips and Tricks to Being a Stage Performer by Casey Greer & Marleena Barber

Beyond Inclusion: Toward Multilayered Representation by Ashley J. Hicks

My TEDx Talk by Niya Pickett-Miller, PhD

Vision Aids

Learn about vision aids that might be available to those with albinism.

Back to School: Apps That Help Low Vision Students Maximize Success by Olivia O’Connell

Cane Training: My Own Terms by Brandi Darby

Low Vision Aids Information Bulletin

Special Interests

Every person with albinism is intricately unique. Take a look at the following topics to see if any are of interest to you.

Transportation & Mobility

Learn about how people in the albinism community decided to drive, or not, as well as tips and tricks for all types of transportation.

My Story as a DMV Edge Case: How to Battle Bureaucracy and Win by Hannah Birch, ProPublica

The View from the Passenger’s Seat by Kelsey Thompson

Driving: Proud of my Accomplishments by Bryan Fischer

A PWA’s Perspective on Driving and the Tech that Can Help by Nick Smith

Looking for more information about driving with low vision? Check out the recording of the NOAHCon 2022 Low Vision Driving Workshop, now available for purchase in NOAH’s Online Store!

Albinism & Education

Learn about topics related to education including applying to college and college life.

Alex’s College Tips by Alex Carrillo

Albinism and Advocacy: College Accommodation Considerations by Kimberly Avila PhD, TBVI, COMS

The Struggle for the Tinted Visor by Wendy Williams

Dating & Mating

It’s hard for everyone, but if you don’t drive, or if you have a unique appearance, dating and mating can be even more challenging.

Let’s Talk About Love by Kelsey Thompson

*Coming Soon* The Talk by Dr. Mashall Zaheer
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*Coming Soon* Love is Blind Anyway, Right? by Alayna Renwick
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Parenting and Albinism

How can I parent when I can’t drive my kid to soccer or ballet? How can I help my children react to the comments of their friends? Learn from others in the albinism community.

Inquire 2 Inspire: Parenting without Pigment by Kathi Garza

Albinism and Race by Marcie Pan

*Coming Soon* Albinism and Autism
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Aging with Albinism

As we age, suddenly we’re not sure about what’s normal and what’s not. Learn from others in the albinism community.

My Adventure in Cataract Surgery by June Waugh

Albinism Since 1930 by Wanda Warren

Albinism Goes Global

*Coming Soon* Finding Our Purpose: Albino Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago by Erin Claire
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Latin America: Update on the Global Albinism Alliance by Carolina Gonzalez

Art Against Discrimination by Alechenu Godwin

Daily Life

“Mama, I’m famous!” by Cassandra Mendez

Is she Black or White? by L’tanya Geddie

Listening to Myself by Gabriella Straker

The Platinum Houstonian by Nimrah F. Saleem

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) and Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS)

More information regarding the symptoms and treatments for these rare types of albinism can be found at