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Information Sources

NOAH offers a variety of ways to learn about albinism. From publications to YouTube videos to social media, we hope you will find these information sources helpful.

About Albinism & Hypopigmentation

Learn the basics about Albinism & Hypopigmentation.

NOAH Parents’ Books

We have published two books to help you to be an informed parent and advocate for your child. Visit the NOAH store to learn about Raising A Child with Albinism: A Guide to the Early Years and Raising a Child with Albinism: A Guide to the School Years.

2020 Virtual Conference Video Showcase

View educational sessions from #VirtualNOAHCon2020! Topics include Latest Albinism Research, Genetics of Albinism for Beginners, Taking the Angst Out of Literacy Media Decisions, Are You Ready for the Transition to College, How We See, Stares, Smirks & Shout Outs, Resilience & Self Care, All About Albinism for Kids, Story Time with the Author, and IEP Workshop.

YouTube Videos

Visit NOAH’s channel to see videos from national conferences, teleconferences as well as other informational videos.

Albinism InSight

Published quarterly, Albinism InSight is NOAH’s official magazine which discusses many aspects of living with this genetic condition as well as other topics of interest to the albinism community. You can purchase yearly subscriptions or single copies, or for the best value, you receive the magazine as part of your NOAH membership!


This supplement is geared toward educators who work with children with albinism and is based on our quarterly magazine, Albinism InSight.

Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) and Chediak Higashi

Information regarding the symptoms and treatments for these rare types of albinism can be found on the HPS Network’s website ( or by emailing questions to