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Teen Spotlight – Sebastian

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Sebastian - Teen Spotlight

Hello! I’m Sebastian (538isAlive online), and I guess I’m here to share my story with you!

My parents knew I was albino the day I was born, because the doctor who delivered me had never had an albino patient, and when he yelled “IT’S AN ALBINO” when I was crowning was kinda a dead giveaway. I was born with bright silver-ish hair (which I lost not long after, only making way for the place white hair that I naturally have now).

I got my first pair of glasses when I was around 4 or 5, and got an IEP right after I started school because I’m legally blind. (It basically made it so I could move up in the class if I couldn’t see, have the teachers blow a worksheet up, etc).

When I was younger, I convinced people I didn’t like that I was part vampire just so they would leave me alone. (It was a pretty easy sell, having red eyes and being pale.) 

Once I got to middle school it got a little rough because I had quite a lot of people who just decided that they didn’t like me because I was different. That’s still going on now, actually.

Sebastian - Teen Spotlight

High school came around and I came out as transgender (ftm). That just gave people more reasons to not like me.

However, at that point I had learned that I could dye my hair VERY easily, and that I had passions for music and art, so I used my self expression to finally come around and accept that I’m going to be different whether I want to or not.

That led to me accepting and loving myself.

So now here I am. Graduating high school next year with brightly colored hair and a smile because being different isn’t a bad thing. Being different makes you stand out, and when you stand out, you can change the world (which, hopefully, I’ll be able to do).

Plans for the future are unclear right now, so I just smile and live in the day. 🙂