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Teen Spotlight – Mackenzie S.


Mackenzie S

Mackenzie S.

My name is Mackenzie. I’m 14 years old, I’m a freshman at Mundelein High School, and I love my first year of high school. This year, I have gotten the privilege to be a part of my school’s swim team, concert choir, advanced women’s show choir, student council, and I’m trying water polo. After being here for five months now, I really feel like I’m fitting in. I love going on the NOAH Facebook page, and sharing my experiences.

Mackenzie S Swimming

This year, I went to state as a freshmen for swim. I got 5th place in state for the 200 meter freestyle, and 100 meter freestyle. I got 4th place in the 50 meter freestyle. I also got 3rd in the 100 meter breaststroke. I wanted to try water polo, not only to keep being with my swim friends, but so I can get stronger in swim. I’m now the goalie on the junior varsity water polo team for my high school.

Mackenzie S Choir

This winter, I start my competition season for show choir. Show choir, is a competitive singing and dancing team you have to try out for. I feel really honored to be apart of my school’s show choir, and to be able to learn how to accommodate when I need help with the choreography, and music.

I’m very honored, to be able to share these experiences with other NOAH members. Before I started high school, my parents and I were very hesitant to join sports, choir, and activities. I’m very thankful, that I did step out of my comfort zone and made sure I was able to do anything I wanted to do so far. I hope to be a role model, for any young students with albinism, or parents with young children who may not think they can do everything. Trust me, you can do everything and much much more!