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Teen Spotlight – Jay D.


Jay D

Jay D.

Memorizing is one of my favorite academic feats. A few years ago, I signed up for a class called Memory Masters, which involved memorizing long speeches, Bible verses, and famous monologs, word for word, to recite in front of my class the following week. Because of this class I have developed what my teacher calls “memory muscles” and can memorize almost anything. What started as an academic feat became a practical tool for me because of my low vision. My memorization skill helps me when I need to remember directions or only have one chance to see something like a menu at a restaurant. I am able to commit things to memory and recall them for a longer amount of time.

While I have found Memory Masters to be helpful, my favorite subjects in school are math and writing. Math is like learning a new language with numbers, and writing is like painting a picture in your readers’ mind using words.

Outside of school, the most enjoyable and relaxing activity for me is hanging out with friends. I love going to the movies, playing video games, going out to eat, and riding bikes with them. Playing video games and going to the movies are activities I always am up for doing with anyone. My closest friends are great to be around because they accept me for who I am. They treat me like everyone else, and they have also learned about albinism and offer help when I need it.