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Teen Spotlight – Abshiro I.


Abshiro I

Hi, I’m Abshiro I.!

My name is Abshiro and I was born in a refugee camp in Kenya. My family and I came to the United States in May of 2004. I remember some things from Kenya, but not too much because I only lived there until I was about 5 or 6 years old. I wish that I remembered more. I love to hear the stories about Africa from my parents or other relatives. My oldest brother told me that he use to carry me on his back when I was a baby with a scarf that covered, and protected me from the sun, but I always tried to poke my head out because I wanted to see everything.

Abshiro I Outside

I didn’t know anything about albinism when I was little. I only started to notice it when people started to point it out. I did not feel different from my family even though other people were saying that I looked different. I had experiences with bullies that told me that I was adopted because I looked nothing like my family, but I never let that get to me because I knew that it was not true. My friends and family always stood up for me too. I am grateful for them they made me who I am today.