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All About NOAHCon!

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What is NOAHCon? ~ Kids’ Conference ~ What is there to do?
Who Should Attend?

What is NOAHCon?

Often described as a fun, festive family reunion, NOAHCon offers the most comprehensive albinism education program anywhere and affords plenty of time to socialize and enjoy fellowship. Authorities in a variety of fields present accurate information on living with albinism, raising a child with albinism and the latest albinism research.

Kids’ Conference

The Kids’ Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience for school-aged children with albinism and their siblings. While the adults are engaged in the educational program, NOAH’s kids enjoy the unique experience of being with others who share their condition. NOAH hopes that the children with albinism and their siblings will begin to feel the fellowship of the albinism community by creating an environment that allows kids to play and make lasting friendships while learning about albinism.

Children will be placed in one of four separate programs based on the grade they will be entering in the fall. Each program is designed to meet the interests and needs of that age group.

What is there to do at NOAHCon?

There are tons of activities and sessions for everyone at NOAHCon! Past conferences have included the following activities and programs:

Educational Programs

Past topics have included:

Genetics of Albinism
What do People with Albinism See?
Parenting a Child with Albinism
Advocating for your Student
Parenting without Pigment
Resources for Adults with Albinism
Workplace Topics
Low Vision Driving Workshop and Educational Sessions
Orientation & Mobility
Assistive Technology
Adaptive Recreational Opportunities
And much, much more!!

Research Updates

A panel of nationally recognized researchers share the latest scientific and medical information on identifying and understanding albinism. Learn about clinical trials and other albinism studies.

Pre-Conference Outings

Conference attendees of all ages gather for pre-conference excursions. Please note, pre-conference outings are not included in conference registration. Attendees must plan to arrive early and pay an additional fee to participate.

Who Should Attend NOAHCon?

There’s something for everyone at NOAHCon! Whether you are a PWA, parent, grandparent, sibling, etc., the conference offers so many wonderful opportunities for learning & connecting with others. We encourage you to bring the whole gang along to NOAHCon this summer for an unforgettable experience!