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Low Vision Tips & Tricks

February is Low Vision Awareness Month, and we want to hear from the PWAs in our community.

How do you visually access your hobbies? Whether you enjoy participating in arts, sports, or something else, share one tip or trick you use along with a photo (of the tip, or of you doing your hobby!). Selected submissions will be featured on NOAH social media and included on our Low Vision Tips & Tricks page!

Please send your tips, tricks, and photos to Emily at

“I use a hot pink leash to make it easier to see when doing nosework with my dog. Tilly is now one of the top nosework dogs in the country!” – Becca Evans

“This is my son Everett. He’s a talented football player and PWA. Sunglasses are very helpful and he found a pair that fit under his helmet. He was also approved to wear a tinted visor as needed. Tinted football visors are typically restricted only to the NFL players but it was approved as a reasonable accommodation. He also downhill skis and plays golf. ” – Gina

“When I run class 3 white water I have a guide behind me giving verbal  directional cues since I can’t visually read the water lines. This allows me me to be independent in my own kayak without being tethered or in a tandem kayak.” – Jennifer E.

“I LOVE music! I play piano and violin. I use an app called forScore to enlarge my music. I can either take a picture of my music and download it into the app or I can upload a PDF. I use a foot pedal to flip the pages. I used to use “fancy glasses” (Eschenbach MaxDetail) which are basically glasses with magnifiers on the lens. I am in a couple of orchestras where I play violin, and I am in the front row so I can see the conductor easier.” – Caroline V.

William, 14, uses a very large main monitor along with two side monitors to pull up different maps and weather models in his study of all things Meteorology related! – Maria