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Learn About Albinism

Whether your interest in albinism is based on a friend or family member or whether you’re doing research, we’re glad you’re here. Since finding accurate information about a rare genetic condition can be difficult, we’ve put together some resources for you.

Doing a report? Be sure to check out our page for Students Doing Research on Albinism.

If you are a person with albinism, a parent of a child with albinism, a doctor or an educator who works with a person with albinism, please select the information links at the top of the page.

What is Albinism?

Read NOAH’s informational bulletin to learn more about the genetics of albinism, vision challenges associated with the condition, the different types of albinism as well as vision and medical issues.

The Latest Research

Learn about studies that are in progress as well as the latest published findings from experts in their fields.

YouTube Videos

Visit NOAH’s channel to see videos from national conferences, teleconferences as well as other informational videos.

Information Sources

NOAH provides a variety of informational programs and services such as books, magazines and more!

Reading List

Peruse a list of books about people with albinism or written by people with albinism.

Related Links

Coming Soon! We are collecting sites that have information related to albinism or visual impairment outside of NOAH. If you have a site that you would like to see added, please contact us. After consideration, relevant sites may be added.