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Information for Students Doing Research

Welcome to the NOAH Website!

Whether you chose albinism as a topic, or whether it was assigned to you, our goal is to provide accurate information about this rare genetic condition. We also want to give you a glimpse into the lives of people who work, play, date and marry so that you’ll understand that we live pretty normal lives outside of a few considerations related to albinism. After you look through the information bulletins, you may want to poke around the site to get a feel for the challenges people with albinism face as well as the ways in which they overcome these challenges.

Albinism versus Albino

Before getting started, we’d like to provide one insight into our community. Although you may encounter the word albino, the word can have a derogatory connotation for some people. Rather than “albino” many people prefer to be referenced as a “person with albinism.” Please be cautious and considerate as you use these terms.

Information Bulletins

The material on the Information Bulletin page addresses many specific topics related to albinism that can assist you in your research.

PEARLS Project

Positive Exposure Ambassadors’ Real Life Stories is a ground-breaking educational tool invites students to learn about their peers living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences through an image gallery and safe online blog. Username: pearlsnoah, password: NOAH_PEARLS_PositiveExpo.