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Elizabeth D.

Elizabeth believes in the power of NOAH.

A while back, our family of six made a cross-country move. I realized later that in the midst of that hectic season, I had forgotten to take care of a few of our normal banking tasks. One of those tasks had been charitable giving. Without a safeguard, I saw how our good intentions to support NOAH had gotten lost in the busyness of life.

Everything worked out, but the experience prompted us to have a conversation about making sure that the really important things in life get done, even (and especially) when we’re not at our best.

That’s when we decided to set up our charitable gifts as automatic payments from our bank account. The process was easy. We felt good about choosing an amount we knew we could manage every month, and we give more at other times if we can.

Even though we hardly notice the monthly draft anymore, it’s still supporting the important work of NOAH. We can be busy or distracted. We often are! But that simple automatic donation decision from a few years ago keeps ensuring that we follow through with our best intentions
” – Elizabeth D.

Give what you can today to make an immediate impact!

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