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Don Martin

Don Martin


Senior Vice President
Alter Trading Corporation
Lake Saint Louis, MO

Current Term: 2015 – 2019

Don is the grandfather of a grandson with albinism. He has been a member of NOAH since 2006; and he, along with his family, has organized and participated in many NOAH fundraisers and attended two NOAH Family Summer Camps. Don has attended five NOAH conferences and has been a session leader for Grandparents’ Sessions at the last four conferences. He also participates in NOAH’s Grandparent Connections teleconference calls.

Don is a Senior Vice President of Ferrous Marketing and Trading for Alter Trading Corporation (which is listed as the 8th largest private company in Saint Louis), whose private foundation are active with philanthropy activities. He has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Toledo and is a C.P.A. (inactive) in the state of Ohio; and board experience with private, public, religious, and charity organizations.